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40 Under 40: Terry Bazemore Jr., Ey3 Technologies


This article was originally posted on Baltimore Business Journal.

What made you want to get into your chosen profession?

I was initially attracted to cybersecurity because for me it combined and required elements of both left-brain (analytical/methodical) and right-brain (creative/logical) attributes and I love that. I also love the passion and culture of cybersecurity, people with hoodies and T-shirts, with dyed hair and mohawks, not being hired based on their ability to dress up, but on their knowledge/skill, character and their passion for helping to protect our data and wellbeing on a national and local level.

What advice would you give to someone else looking to get into your field?

Explore all that cyber security has to offer! There are so many roles, titles and paths that it can be overwhelming, but take your time and look into the ones that interest you. Next, finding a mentor is important, whether active (a mentor that you can call and chat with) or passive (YouTube or bookshelf), a mentor can help to provide insight into different paths. Last I would say continuously learn and play! There are now so many free sites that offer the chance to practice/learn skills for free and/or very low cost — take advantage.

How has Covid permanently changed the way you work?

Covid forced me to be intentional about my workday schedule. With virtual learning and remote working happening under the same roof, I had to be more intentional about scheduling time not only for work meetings but to be present for my children while together during the day. It taught me to set boundaries in my schedule for myself and my family, to have fun and enjoy our time and still get work done.