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Ey3 Workforce Development

At Ey3, we've expanded our focus to include impactful workforce development training in Prince George's County, MD, in addition to our Federal Government contracting work.

  • Certification
  • Workforce Development
  • Community Empowerment

Empowering PG County

At Ey3 Technologies, we're more than a systems engineering and cybersecurity firm; we're a beacon of empowerment in Prince George's County, MD. Initially carving our niche in Federal Government contracting, our passion for community service has guided us to a significant milestone - a year of transformative Workforce Development Training.

This initiative reflects our core values: serving and uplifting the community. In just one year, we've proudly trained a diverse group of individuals across various states in Scrum methodologies, achieving a remarkable success rate in the PSM 1 certification. Our participants come from a wide spectrum of life stages and experiences, exemplifying our commitment to inclusivity and diversity in education.

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Our efforts have not only earned us a place on the State of Maryland's Training Provider list but also enabled us to enrich Prince George's County through our partnership with Employ Prince George's. We've expanded our training portfolio to include:

  • Customer Service
  • FAA Part 107 Drone/UAS Certification
  • CMMC Cybersecurity
These additions underscore our dedication to providing comprehensive, cutting-edge training.

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Collaborating closely with local Workforce Development Groups, we're committed to building strong community networks. Our goal is clear: to open doors to potential career opportunities through reskilling and upskilling. We aim to touch every demographic - embracing everyone from the youth to seniors, career changers to returning citizens - ensuring everyone has access to the tools they need for success in the modern workforce.

In continuation of our dedication to fostering robust community networks, we are actively engaged in collaborative efforts with local Workforce Development Groups. From empowering the youth to providing support for seniors, facilitating career transitions for individuals, and extending opportunities to returning citizens, our mission is to ensure equitable access to reskilling and upskilling resources. Together, we believe in building a future where everyone has the opportunity to pursue and achieve their career aspirations.

Join us in this journey of learning, growth, and community empowerment at Ey3 Technologies, where every individual's potential is our priority.

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